Your Biogas Project

Your Biogas Project…
Is Three Steps Away

Setting up the ERibox system is simple and quick and usually requires little to no red tape (saving up to twelve months on the project).

Project 2014

1- First Contact and Preliminary Study of the Project

  • Investigate your operations: to search optimum between biogas production and valorization
  • Pre-dimensionning the project


The ERigene team explores with you the best options to implement and install the ERibox system in your premices.

2-Feasibility Study

  • Laboratory analysis: BioMethane Potential tests (BMP) *
  • Technical/biological studies of the project
  • Dimensionning
  • Technical & Economical
  • Electrical & Environmental

* Should the BMP prove insufficient, only the Methane Potential Test will be invoiced.

3 –On Site Implementation

  • Delivery and Installation
  • Commissioning
  • On-site Training
  • Technical and biological Support


Conveying the digesters and control module

Setting up the control module.

Moving the digestion modules.

Connecting the digesters to the control module.

Loading a digester module.

Performance Monitoring and Maintenance

Thanks to the control module, digestion performance and biogas production are monitored remotely by ERigene via the internet, allowing to adjust the some parameters to seasonal or material variations.

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