The ERibox System

ERibox, An Industrial Solution for On-the-Farm Biogas Plants

What is ERibox?

ERibox is a compact biogas system composed of transportable digesters associated with a command and control center, which allows to monitor, control and analyze its performance.

ERibox allows medium-size farms (50 to 150 LUs) to access “dry fermentation” and reap the economic and agronomic benefits while pursuing a sustainable development approach.

ERibox is approved by the agricultural world

Simple, economical and well thought, the ERibox System was designed combining inputs from farmers as well as the research world. ERibox easily adapts to various environments and their characteristics, such as size, seasonality, type of farming ….

Reliable: factory built, it is robust and easy to maintain.

Mobile: it helps reduce the handling of waste.

Scalable: ERibox fits perfectly into daily operations and supports their evolution.

Investments are moderate, and ERibox provides rapid economic and sustainable agronomic benefits.

ERibox allows you to produce your own biogas on the farm

The ERibox system turns manure or plant waste into biogas, which is rich in methane (natural gas).

In 3-6 weeks, the digestion of these materials produces:

Methane-rich biogas, converted into :

electricity sold to the grid or used locally

heat, usable on-farm

• Digestate – an odorless compost-like fertiliser. Its agronomic qualities reduce the need for chemical fertilizer and herbicides.

• Know-how and knowledge. ERibox is Connected to the ERigene laboratory network and other farms. This allows continuous remote monitoring of the process and simplifies the integration of upcoming technological and process evolutions.

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