Your Biogas Project

…In Three Steps

Implementing the ERibox system is simple and easy, usually with little or no construction or regulatory work (saving up to twelve months’ time).

1– Project design (months 1 to 3)
Simplified pre-project, detailed study (study of the field, methanogenic potential tests / analysis, design and ground plane, techno-economic study: choice of appropriate equipment and project profitability).

Depending on the circumstances, intervention of a desk study (2-4 months).

2 – Electrical connection (months 3 to 8)
The power company conducts technical and financial studies and sets-up a connection contract, and proceeds with the technical connection.

3 – Establishment of the site (months 5 to 9)
Excavation, installation of heating network, network planning, ERibox installation, connections and commissioning.

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